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Thermionic Valves

Valves (OK, tubes to all of you who live west of the big pond) are wonderful little things. Apart from not starting up instantly (was Bill Gates inspired from this characteristic?) and needing unpleasant voltages, they have qualities that far surpass modern electronics.

First of all, you can delve into valve equipment with a soldering iron and actually reach the component that you want to. Failed components are often identifiable using either the eyes or the nose. And the way they glow in a dark room has something magical about it.

My tip for the most important valve of all time goes to the 807. The amateur (and WW2 military) transmitters resulting from the use of the 807 opened up the whole field of effective worldwide communication which is only surpassed by the modern satellite network. The 807 led to the development of many other valves some which are still favoured by 21st century audiophiles the world over. And, the 807 ist still avaliable NEW!